Snoop Dogg, Martha Stewart Picture

Snoop Dogg Martha Stewart

I’ve seen the above photo circulating on Facebook, and either I don’t understand it or the creator is purposefully misleading. This is a photo of Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart making brownies or cake or something like that. You all know I love debunking this kind of stuff so here we go.

First my question is what stereotype are they addressing? Are they saying the white woman is stereo-typically an upstanding citizen and the black man is not, and then spinning it by bringing up Martha Stewart’s securities fraud conviction? Am I supposed to feel more comfortable and secure hanging out with Snoop Dogg because he’s supposedly not a convicted felon?

Here is the truth

Snoop Dogg is a convicted felon! Long before Martha Stewart was! Snoop Dogg has a rap sheet, no pun intended, 100 times longer than Martha Stewart’s including things like felony drug possession, illegal possession of a hand gun, and although he was acquitted he has been charged with murder. His rap sheet also contains several acts of violence, vandalism, and drug use. He is banned from the UK and Australia. So what stereotype are they addressing in this photo and what are we supposed to learn?

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