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I’ve filtered some of the explicit descriptions of the movie for those who don’t want to read it. To view it hover your mouse over the word explicit and it should pop-up a tool tip with the explicit content.

I’m really concerned and bothered by the new movie Magic Mike. Plain and simple it’s pornography! Read some of the reviews. The opening scene is [explicit]. One review told of a scene with a man [explicit], and another review clued me in [explicit]. I’m not surprised by pornography, it has been around forever. It is a very bad thing to get involved with, and it can take over and ruin your life. There are a couple of things that surprise me and concern me that have come to mind because of this movie.

The first one is, pornography has long been more of a problem for men than women. I think we are seeing a shift and a double standard. I am appalled at the number of women who are openly expressing their excitement about this movie. The double standard is, if men were openly excited about a movie about a woman stripper the feminist blogosphere would explode with articles about the objectification of women. Apparently it’s ok for women to objectify men. I know there have been movies about women strippers. I’ve not seen any of them, but I also don’t remember any of them being received with such excitement and they generally received poor reviews. Magic Mike isn’t being received with the controversy of the other stripper films. I’m afraid this is opening the door to expand the amount of pornography being consumed by women. Millions of women will get a taste, and some will like it and become addicted.

Another thing is the publicity of pornography. Like I said there have been other stripper movies and topless scenes in movies, but like I said before I’ve not seen this kind of buzz about it or lack of controversy. Pornography used to be something viewed more privately in a dark room and not anything you told all of your friends you were doing. With this movie there will be hundreds of people sitting in a dark room watching a movie filled with sex and nudity, and this is considered OK. It’s OK enough to post on Facebook that you will be viewing it. This just blows my mind. Twenty years ago this would not have been acceptable. For the longest time viewing and making pornography has been against the norm, against our moral fiber, but not anymore. It’s being glorified, praised and publicized.

I know this isn’t my most coherent writing I’ve done, that’s why it’s called Babbles of my Brain. I’m just concerned and surprised, especially at the teenage girls who are publicly excited to go see this movie some of who I know go to church. I am maybe more surprised about the silence from any leadership on the issue. When kids from a youth group are publicly stating they are going to watch porn there is a breakdown somewhere. Most likely there is a breakdown in their relationship with God. The church can teach it, and probably is, but if they don’t care about their relationship with God all the teaching in the world doesn’t matter.


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  1. Not that I've seen the movie myself, and I had to look it up and watch the trailer before I even knew what it was about, but I guess I have a completely different viewpoint than you do on it.

    First, it's rated R, which means that it contains adult situations and scenes and, if you're not able to handle such things, you shouldn't be attending R-rated movies.

    Second, which is better — seeing the naked body form which is, in all aspects, natural, or seeing killing/gore/horror/etc? Seems it's a bit less damning. We as Americans are far, far too hung up on the naked form. Europeans have had nude beaches and graphically nude scenes in movies for decades. We seem all bent out of shape about something that's pretty natural. No wonder we have body and sexual issues. The fact that it's now acceptable to say on Facebook and other places that you're seeing this is showing that we are, actually, loosening up our attitudes about everything. I see this as a net gain.

    Third, pornography is nudity for gratuitous purposes, whereas nudity used in movies and art is often for context. Seems to me that a movie about strippers might have nudity, and it might very well be in context. That doesn't seem to be a stretch at all. HOW that nudity is implemented in the movie, of course, can vary, and even some scenes that are added to movies in the "light" of art end up being gratuitous. It just depends on the implementation. But overall, porn is sex and nudity for sex and nudity. Nobody watches porn for the storyline. But in movies and other mainstream media, it's often a component of the whole.

    Fourth, from what I can see in the trailer, this movie actually has a positive message, although who knows how it's played out in the end. The trailer eludes to the fact that Tatum's character actually has to learn about relationships beyond stripping and living life for more than the party scene. There's worse messages out there to be had.

    Obviously I cannot (and won't) comment from a religious basis. But overall I have to say that I've seen — and everyone else has seen — a lot worse. My take.

    • Which is better, nudity or killing/gore/horror? I would have to answer killing/gore/horror. I would venture to guess more people have a sex drive to be impressed upon rather than a tendency for violence to be excited.

      I don't think there is any art to stripping or movies about stripping. It's pornography, it's purpose is to arouse sexual feelings. We are culturally different than Europe and other countries and I think partly because of these kinds of movies, magazines, and TV where the human body is only depicted in a sexual way. I think that only makes movies like Magic Mike, Striptease, and Showgirls all the more inappropriate. They aren't displaying the human body as art but as objects for sexual arousal.

      Culture and all aside, even if our culture wasn't so sexually charged, I believe the only appropriate place for enjoying the beauty of the human body is in the context of a married man and woman.

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