A Lesson About God

I think I’ve learned a lesson about God today. The Bible compares God as our heavenly father to earthly fathers. The first verse that comes to mind is Matthew 7:9-11. I think through being a father I can learn about God.

I’ve been so irritated at my children today. They are supposed to be cleaning the play room. This is the reoccurring¬†battle between parents and children in our house. Today has been a little unique. It seems every five minutes Madi has been coming out of the play room and telling me how much she loves me and giving me hugs and kisses. The first time or two it was nice, but after that I knew she was just doing it to stall from cleaning the room.

During the day when she would come into the room where I’m working to hang on me and tell me she loves me, it started to make me mad.¬†I know she loves me, even if she didn’t tell me every day I would still know she loves me, but she wasn’t doing what I asked her to do (what I’ve asked her to do all week in fact) which was clean up the play room. I think God probably feels the same way. We go to church on Sunday and sing songs about how great God is and how much we love Him, and we pray and tell God how great he is and how much we love Him. Do you think God ever gets mad and wants to say, if you really want to show me you love me, do what I’m asking of you!

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