The Best Marketing Trick Ever

Car dealerships have the best marketing trick ever! I dont consider myself very suseptable to marketing. Comercials, infomercials, and billboards dont make me want things i dont already want or need. But car dealers have enticed me twice now and I think it’s genius.

We have a pretty decent van, it’s a 2008 Uplander. We’ve had it in the shop a couple times and each time the dealership gave us a loaner vehicle.  The first time the dealership worked on our van and I got a loaner, they hand me a key ring and say “it’s the red one out there”. I walk out the door and I’m looking around for an Uplander, Cobalt or something like that, but the only red vehicle out there is a 2011 extended cab Silverado. I hit the lock button on the remote and the lights on the Silverado blink. I get in and I fall in love. It’s clean, smells new, less than 100 miles lots of power. I got new car fever immediately.

We dropped off our van for the second time this last Thursday, and as of this writing they haven’t event looked at it because their transmission guy has been really sick. This time they hand my wife the keys to a 2012 blue Cruze Eco. I have new car fever even worse this time. It has a turbo charged 4 cylinder, gets 28 mpg in the city, 44+ on the highway and thanks to the turbo it has some get up and go. My favorite part is the Bluetooth speaker phone and voice dial. It took a whole 30 seconds to pair my iPhone with the car now I can voice dial and receive calls through the car stereo. It has USB auxiliary for MP3 players/ iPods so I can literally hook my phone up, stick it in the console and I don’t really need to touch it while I’m driving. This car will be hard to give back.


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