Harry Potter Opening Night

Harry Potter Opening Night

I’m normally not one to pass brazen judgement.

I normally let people carry on with whatever they are going to do and not say anything, but I could not pass this up. I saw on Facebook that 20 showings in Springfield are sold out for opening night of the new Harry Potter movie. So I did a little research to see how early people started lining up, and I found this story.

As of 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, seven fans were lined up outside Celebration! Cinema North, more than 30 hours before opening night.


30 hours before opening night! 30 HOURS! I just don’t understand. I think something has to be mentally off balance to cause you to do something like this! I can’t think of anything I would waste over 1 day of my life waiting in line for! Are they not seeing the same moving that will be playing tomorrow afternoon? You are not special by even being the first in line. You will still be in a group of a million+ people nationwide who will see the movie at the same time as you do. You are probably in a group of the first several thousand people to see it in your city. You will be in a group of several hundred people in the same room seeing the movie at the exact same time you are.

“I was first in line, I waited over 30 hours to see this movie, that’s how much I love Harry”

“Well I only waited 5 hours and I saw it at the same time you did”


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