Waiting Area

I’m sitting in the waiting area for the tire lube express at Walmart in Camdenton. A girl walks in and sits across the room from me. No words exchanged no eye contact, nothing. Twenty years ago two people in this same situation would have struck up polite conversation about the weather or maybe even delved into politics. The two of us are in our own worlds. She appears to be texting, and I’m am blogging. It’s crazy how society has changed, how compartmentalized we’ve become. It would actually be more awkward to try to start a conversation rather than just sit here and pretend we are in this little room alone.

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One comment on “Waiting Area
  1. Or, perhaps we always found those sorts of conversations to be awkward and uncomfortable and now we’ve simply gotten beyond that and have moved on, and we can co-exist in the same room and not feel we have to strike up….anything.

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