St Matthew’s Church Prayer Mat

I’m so excited I just received a prayer mat from St Matthews church!

St Matthews Prayer Mat

My Prayer Mat Packet

Did you sense the sarcasm in that? If you know me, you know I’m a Christian and I take my faith and relationship with God seriously. So I am not making a mockery prayer itself, but I’m making a mockery of the idea that this piece of paper has any power whatsoever. This makes the 3rd or 4th time I’ve received one of these. The instructions are to read their letter, then go some place alone, kneel on the mat, or place the mat against your knees (I guess they don’t want to be liable for an arthritic person getting stuck in the kneeling position for days because of their prayer rug…), then pray.


The letter is full of testimonies of healing and salvation, but mainly financial blessings. And here is my main problem, some people actually give thanks to St Matthews church and the prayer rug! Because of their packaging and instruction to use the prayer rug it is assumed all of these answers to prayer are because of the prayer rug. On their website they say the prayer rug has no power, but the packaging would make you think otherwise. It says “This…Prayer Rug is Soaked with the Power of Prayer for you. Use it immediately…”.

St Matthews Prayer Mat Word of Knowledge

Word of Knowledge?

In this packet they included a sealed prophetic word just for me (sarcasm again). That is a first, I don’t remember getting one of these in the past. This really irritates me because they are just employing the same trickery as the likes of John Edward, fortune tellers, and other “psychics”. They call it a word of knowledge but it’s really just a vauge monolog that could be applied to anybody’s life.

You may have the uncomfortable feeling that you are just spinning your wheels in a certain personal situation…but you have not allowed the Holy Spirit to have complete acquisition to the problem…You have allowed too much personal and emotional involvement…This has made you too vulnerable…Far more than you can see…and it is only through Holy Spirit guidance that you will in any way come out victorious. It is a matter of persisting and following the dictates of your heart…In short, the outcome relies within your resolve.

It is an insult to God to use this kind of deceit! That is not a word of knowledge. If God had really intervened in the writing or printing of that document that word would be specific to me and to a specific situation in my life. I italicized a few phrases so we can see what is wrong with them. The first one “certain personal situation” is them using the vague techniques of fortune tellers. I italicizes the second phrase “You have allowed too much personal and emotional involvementbecause again it’s vague and later they tell you “to follow the dictates of your heart“. What is more emotional, personal, and subjective than your heart? And the solution they give at the end take God right out of the picture “the outcome relies within your resolve”. So this “word of knowledge” is actually just a deceitful, vague, contradictory writing to make you feel better, it can’t actually make anything better.

I do believe in the power of prayer. My life has been affected by prayer. Not from receiving a prayer mat in the mail but when I spent regular time in prayer and was in communion with God throughout the day, not just when I needed Him. Jesus spent a lot of time in prayer. He would go away alone to pray and we see he did this on a regular basis. If Jesus had to prayer that much, how much more should we pray?

May my trash man be blessed upon his contact with this prayer mat*

*That's sarcasm again...
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