I Must Be Getting Old

music notesI’m a big music fan. I listen to a variety of music from prophetic worship like Misty Edwards to anti-government hardcore rap/rock like Rage Against the Machine. I listen to almost any music that has some kind of real message whether it goes along with my beliefs or not (I actually like hearing other points of view besides my own). That said I don’t think I’m that musically biased so this must be an age thing.

The first sign I knew I was getting old was when I bought an acoustic guitar and sold my drums. I think this is the second sign…

I don’t understand today’s pop music!

Willow Smith

Willow Smith

This blog post was brought to you by Red Bull and inspired in part by Willow Smith’s song Whip My Hair. I’ve seen people put the lyrics in their Facebook statii and I didn’t understand the appeal so I decided to listened to it. I thought to myself “If I was 10 years old where would I post my music?” So I fired up Google Chrome… http://www.myspace.com/. A quick search and I found the official music video. I thought maybe it’s a catchy high energy song. I reached forward (with my mouse) and clicked play. Let’s just say I almost had to tie myself up to listen to the whole song. I had to look up the lyrics because I couldn’t understand her mumbling (old age again?). Apparently she is going to turn her swag on, not let the haters get her off her grind, and whip her hair back and forth. It seems there is going to be so much hair whipping she may need to go see a chiropractor afterward (I whip my hair back and forth is repeated a mere 67 TIMES!). All I can say is I hope she wrote the song herself. If anything of this nature came from an adult they should be slapped.

I’m not just trying to be one of the haters getting Willow off her grind, but I get irritated by more and more music that has nothing to say. For example another song that irritates me is Family Force 5’s Get Your Back Off the Wall. I guess it’s about a dance off? But it just seems like they strung a bunch of different catchy phrases together and called it a song. You know I don’t even care if you use complete sentences or ideas as long as some kind of message can be determined. As an example I give you Anberlin’s Foreign Language. This is a great rocking song, but the phrases don’t make a lot of sense on their own. If you listen to the whole song and use your brain a little you can determine the author is talking about the difficulty men and women have communicating and we can even infer he is speaking of a particular instance where communication messed up a relationship.

All that said I’m probably just getting old. I’m sure my parents probably thought and think the same thing about the music I listen to. I’m sure there is some generational gap where my generation wants things to have meaning, and Willow’s generation just wants things to be fun. That’s Ok while your 10.

One comment on “I Must Be Getting Old
  1. So yeah I must be getting old too. I wanted to stab my ear drums when I first heard “Whip my Hair.” It makes “Parents Just Don’t Understand” look like “Stairway to Heaven” or something.

    I think “Parents” was a decent song, but nothing earth shattering. Willow makes her dad look like Elvis, The Beatles, and The Stones all rolled into one. Bottom line is if it wasn’t for her father that song would be no where near the airways. Id go as far to say Paris Hilton’s “Stars Are Blind” is Grammy worthy next to “Whip My Hair”

    Just let me put it on a classic rock station and I’ll be fine. Then again, Ive always been into the oldies not just classic rock. I feel I have a pretty eclectic mix on my iPod, but there are not many songs for the 2ks on there.

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