A Chat With a Mormon

I was reading a blog and saw an interesting ad at the top for Mormon.org. It was an animation of a chat session with a man who had spiritual questions. I clicked on the ad and decided to ask my own loaded spiritual questions. The following is my chat transcript unedited. I was actually surprised by the response at the end.

Welcome to Mormon.org chat.
A representative will be with you shortly.
Agent [Elliott] is ready to assist you.
Elliott: Hello, my name is Elliott.
Me: Do you believe Jesus and Satan are bothers?
Elliott: Hello, my name is Elliott.
Elliott: Yes they are!
Me: Where do you find that in the bible?
Elliott: God is the father of all of us. Including Satan
Me: So that would mean Satan is my brother as well?
Elliott: Yes
Me: So we are all bothers and sisters in a spiritual way?
Elliott: Yes
Me: I thought we became children of God when we accepted Jesus Christ as our savior.
Elliott: We are children of God. We all are. But there are those that do not accept God.
Me: What happens to them?
Elliott: I don’t know. God is the one that will judge us and give us whatever we deserve
Me: So if I reject God, but am a good person I won’t go to hell?
Elliott: God chooses
Me: How do I ensure I get to heaven?
Elliott: Join The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Me: that is the only way into heaven?
Elliott: Yes
The chat session has ended.

Elliot ending the chat session, not me. He probably picked up that I was asking loaded questions. Even so, his answers were surprising.

I thought the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints considered themselves a Christian denomination, but nothing in this chat lined up with the beliefs of other Christian denominations. To say joining their church is the only way to ensure you would get into heaven borders on a cult, which is what I’ve always been told. I Just thought this little chat session was interesting, I will probably do more of these and blog about them.

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  1. I’ve always thought the mormons were an odd bunch an remind me a little of islam in the way the revere Brigam Young. Things like he didn’t like tea or coffee so now if you’re mormon you can’t drink tea or coffee, definitely a bit odd

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