Private Tour of the Missouri Capitol Building

While we were in Jefferson City we got an interesting private, self guided tour of the capitol building.

Missouri Capitol Building

Missouri Capitol

We had to stop in Jefferson City on our way to St Louis to drop some kids off at their grandparents, and while we were there we wanted to tour the capitol building. A member of our group has some connections with capitol police and other people but none of the connections worked out. So we just decided to take a walk around the capitol. It was around 10:00pm before we made it over to the capitol to walk around. As we are walking a member of our group walked up to a door, and to his surprise it opened right up when he pulled on it. With hardly a second thought we proceeded inside.

We were curious about why a door was left completely unlocked so late at night. A couple in our group grew up in Jefferson City so they knew the capitol wasn’t usually open so late. But like I said we hardly gave it a second thought and started our own private tour. The couple from Jefferson City was showing us all of the standard sights within the building, but we really wanted to go to the “whisper room” and even out onto the roof. We were really  bummed the connections that could get us through the locked doors into those areas didn’t work out. As we made our way onto the second and third floors we began to hear voices. We had not seen any security so far and we all figured the moment was coming that we would be escorted out of the building. We followed the voices and discovered the doors to the house floor were also unlocked.

Missouri Capitol from the House Floor

From the House Floor

When we went inside we were surprised to find one of the representatives was there giving a lesson on the legislative process to a group of girls scouts. The representative was surprised to see us, as we were surprised to see him. He said it would be wise if we stopped wondering around the building and stayed with him. So we hung out on the house floor for a while. We talked with the representative for a while, when he got a moment, and explained how we got in and all we had been doing. We also told him how we wanted to go upstairs into the “whisper room” and onto the roof, and he asked how many times any of us had been up there. The couple from Jefferson City had been up there half a dozen times or so. The thing that happened next really surprised us.

The representative actually gave us a key to the “whisper room” and roof top. All he asked for in exchange was somebody’s license as collateral. So we went up to the 4th floor to the rep’s office and got the key off of is secretary’s desk. I was excited to get to go to places most people don’t get to see, but I do have to say, some of the excitement was lost now that we were walking around the capitol with somebody’s blessing instead of sneaking around.

Whisper Room in the Missouri Capitol

The Whisper Room

So we headed up to the “whisper room” since it is on the way to the roof. I understand why it’s not on the regular tour. You have to go through a lot of the service corridors to get to the whisper room. Imagine the place they had to go in Jurassic park to turn the power back on. I wish I had taken pictures of it, because it was pretty fascinating. We hung out in the whisper room which is pretty cool. Because of the acoustics of the dome you can here somebody whispering from across the way, which is why they call it the whisper room.

After the whisper room we headed to the roof. It seemed like it was another ten floors up, but we all made it including my pregnant wife. It was a beautiful view. We could see the governor’s mansion and a ton of other famous sites in Jefferson City. It was a very cool experience and I am glad I got to experience it.

On the Roof of the Missouri Capitol

On the Roof

Top of the Missouri Capitol Dome

Top of the Capitol Dome

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