Connect. Pray. Affect!

I can’t believe it’s been well over a year since I felt inspired to create a website that would connect people who were seeking prayer directly to people who are willing to pray for them as an individual.

I think it all started at church. We often talk about seeing God do the miraculous, and the impact that would have on the local church, as well as the church as a whole and even the world. My thought was to use my God given talents to try to help that come about. My thought was to make a website that offers people life changing prayer. I didn’t want to make just another prayer list website where your prayer request sits until somebody stumbles across the prayer request. From the inception of the project I knew it had to connect people together immediately, and it does just that through e-mail and twitter.

Thus Connect. Pray. Affect! was born. It was originally called Miracle Prayer Network, but somebody bought the domain name I was going to use last August. Although I don’t feel Connect. Pray. Affect! is as catchy as Miracle Prayer Network, I believe it describes the mission very well, to connect people seeking prayer with people who know how to pray, and affect the world.

Prayer requests are submitted through the Connect. Pray. Affect! website or through churches who have signed up. Each church can put a prayer list specific to them on their website, and they can also put a request form on their website which will submit the request to Connect. Pray. Affect! If a location is given in the request the prayer request is distributed to users and churches within the area. If no location can be determined prayer requests are distributed sequentially to churches and users. Requesters also have the option to mark their request as urgent, and have access to post updates to their prayer request.

Individuals who sign up for Connect. Pray. Affect! will receive requests that have been distributed to them through e-mail. Requests that are marked as urgent are also posted to twitter at

Please consider signing up for Connect. Pray. Affect! and take just a little time throughout the day to pray for people who need prayer.

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