Sleeping without a pillow

I’ve been doing an experiment for about a week; sleeping without a pillow. It really started with my youngest daughter peeing on my pillow one day when I was getting her dressed and changing her diaper to go somewhere. I slept without a pillow that night and I started wondering if sleeping without a pillow changes the way you sleep.

I haven’t came to any solid conclusions. I don’t think I toss and turn as much getting to sleep. I don’t have a pillow to position and reposition until it feels just right. The thing that surprised me the most was I’m not uncomfortable sleeping without a pillow and even the first night I didn’t have trouble getting or staying asleep. I did dream last night for the first time in a long time. I don’t know if that can be attributed to sleeping without a pillow or not. I think over time I could train my body to sleep in some seemingly uncomfortable situations.

2 comments on “Sleeping without a pillow
  1. I find that any kind of change with sleep can cause change in dreams, like if I sleep someplace new I tend to dream more

  2. Sleeping without a pillow is a wrong thing. I read on v that if you sleep without a pillow then you can get pain in your back and it will be not a good thing. It will hurt you a lot and you will know about it.

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