God Looks Carefully

The Lord watches from heaven; he sees all people. From the place where he lives he looks carefully at all the earth’s inhabitants. He is the one who forms every human heart, and takes note of all their actions.

Psalms 33:13-15 NET

This verse that says God looks carefully at all the earth’s inhabitants hit me tonight as a fresh thought. Most people are familiar with the idea that God knows all we do, and many of us have probably been posed with the question “Would you do that if Jesus was here?” I acknowlege that God knows my actions by asking for forgiveness on a daily basis, but too often I think I box God into the spiritual where the only means of connection is between my spirit and Him. I don’t think of God actively watching me, but more like my spirit reports to him my thoughts and deeds and in turn His spirit reports to mine with peace, joy, conviction, love, compassion, and grace. God carefully watches and makes notes of my speech, worship, prayer, thoughts, actions and how I spend my time. Now we should strive that even in the most tiny intricate portions of our lives that God is pleased by what he sees.

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