Forever in a landfill T-Shirt

I periodically have some clever moments, or so I think anyway. I’ve decided to immortalize these short bursts of creativity in the best way I know how… put them on a T-Shirt! As wealthy as I may appear, I do not have the money to go to one of the screen printing places in town, pay a setup fee, and then purchase enough shirts to make it economically feasible to resell them. What I have done is open an account on and they do all of the hard stuff for me, I just submit the design. For this T-Shirt design the price is a bit more than I desired, but you can change the style and quality of shirt it is printed on to bring the price down. Without further ado I present my first T-Shirt design “Forever in a landfill”.

waterbottle landfill,plastics in landfill,forever in a landfill

This T-Shirt makes a mockery of the Forever in a landfill commercial ad campaign. I hope you enjoy it, buy it, wear it proudly.

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