Musical Style Means a Lot

I came across Rihanna’s Umbrella redone by Postmodern Jukebox today and it got me thinking a lot about musical styles. I had heard the last part of the chorus before (You can stand under my ubrella ella ella ella ella). I thought it sounded stupid and I wasn’t interested in listening to the whole song. Now comes along Postmodern Jukebox playing the same song in a different style and it changes everything. The song actually has meaning and it has a good message. It took a different style for me to find that meaning.

Style can completely hinder or destroy the message you are trying to convey. Here is the original video. I hate the style. I couldn’t even finish watching it. I wouldn’t let me kids watch it. Same song and same meaning but the video is over sexualized and trashy in my opinion. The style┬ácompletely takes away from the meaning of the song. So be warned…

Now look at Postmodern Jukebox’s video. It’s upbeat, classy and fun and I think it does a much better job of conveying the message of the song.

Of course, I guess I’m probably not Rihanna’s target audience. Maybe somebody in the target audience can appreciate the message.


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