I thought I was over anything that happened in High school…

Like the title says, I thought I was over everything that happened in Highschool, but it turns out I guess I’m not.

I’ve seen people who treated me badly in High school on Facebook lately. I thought to myself “it’s been 12+ years since any encounter with some of these people, I’m over it”. Well, just seeing their face brings back those memories and feelings. I haven’t thought about some of these people for a long time, thus why I thought I wasn’t affected by it anymore. But I see their face and I can’t help but think of them as a bad person who relentlessly harasses people smaller and younger than them. I see their face and I still kind of want to bust them in the mouth because I couldn’t when I was 14. The closest I got was telling them to **** off (I haven’t talked like that since high school) when they were messing with me back stage during musical practice. That only angered them. When it’s 3 on 1, what are you supposed to do but shut up despite the encouragement from others to tell them to **** off again while you’re pinned against a wall. How are you supposed to feel about a person that holds your hands against the outdoor freezer handle and a nearby pole so you get the shock of your life. Those are just a few reasons there are some people from High school I think are bad people and I don’t care to ever see them again in real life or the virtual world.

Ah the memories…

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